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Specialty Distribution & Oncology Distribution

Specialty Distribution

Many new pharmaceuticals require management through numerous Specialty Distribution channels.  VCGBIO will assist your organization in establishing specialty distribution networks for products that require complex specialized order management processes, special patient handling, education and support, coverage policy determination and reimbursement coordination.

The specialty pharmacy provider segment continues to consolidate. VCGBIO assists in understanding the relationships between providers, Benefit Managers/Specialty Pharmacies, and will assist you in developing strategic and tactical support.

Oncology Distribution

Oncology products are the leading category on new molecular entities (NMEs).  VCGBIO has developed working relationships with Oncology Distributors and will assist your organization in assuring product access along with the following services:

  • Group Purchasing Organization Access
  • Development of Clinical Pathways/Protocols
  • Streamlining Prior Authorization Approval Process
  • Direct Access to the Largest Oncology Clinics with Dispensing Pharmacies