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Specialty Pharmacy

Many orphan drugs and bio-pharmaceuticals require special handling, distribution, and clinical programs provided by Specialty Pharmacy Operations. VCGBIO has the expertise and a proprietary process around the selection, implementation, and management of specialty distribution networks. VCGBIO will assist your organization in developing a market access and reimbursement strategy via a network of Specialty Pharmacies. Developing a specialty market access strategy, identifying key distribution channels, developing a RFP, identifying potential partners, and negotiating distribution and services agreements are our specialty.

Examples of key areas of focus a manufacturer should consider when choosing a specialty pharmacy/distributor should include:

Hub Services

  • Patient Intake and Processing
  • Triage Services
  • Coordination with Specialty Network
  • Coordination with Reimbursement Support Services

Clinical Support Capabilities

  • Product Educators
  • Nursing Services
  • Disease Management
  • Adverse Event Reporting

Customer Service and Order Management

  • Order management processes
  • Customer service policies
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturer product reporting

Order Fulfillment and Distribution - General Distribution, Hub vs. Spoke, etc.

  • Evaluate process for receiving an order and processing a prescription or order
  • Method of tracking order status throughout the delivery cycle
  • Shipping materials and validation processes
  • Process and SOP for communications to patients and health care providers
  • Process and tracking system for resource deployment to patients and health care providers
  • Compliance with cGMP guidelines
  • Compliance Programs
  • Application of Copay and Patient Assistance Programs

Reimbursement Services

  • Validate SPS licensure and reimbursement access
  • Assist with manufacturer reimbursement services
  • Processing and tracking of credits and reversals
  • Process to manage assignment of benefits
  • Access to patient advocacy groups
  • Ability to process claims (drugs, devices, and diagnostics)

Quality Management

  • Assess standards for internal audit and quality control

Patient Education, Provider Education and Compliance, and Persistency Services

  • Assess programs for patient monitoring¬†of compliance and follow-up
  • Assess the need for 24/7 clinical support
  • Method for patient education reporting

Information Technology, Data Management and Reporting

  • Define requirements for data systems
  • Contingency plans and back-up systems in case of system/power outages
  • Website, social media, etc.